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Dr. Masud Hasan

  • "I am 79 years old and had done heavy lifting type work since I was a teenager. It took a
    toll on my body and I started getting arthritis at an early age. I first came to see Dr. Hasan after a fall on the sidewalk. I had a lot of back pain. He worked with me even on Christmas eve because I was in very bad shape. After a few treatment, I started feeling better. That was Christmas of 2000. Now I see him periodically, specially, when I have mid back and arm pain. I get this excruciating arm pain once or twice a year and I know Dr. Hasan is the only one who can fix me. I have been to other chiropractors, but I have never gotten such immediate relief. He is very gentle, but whatever he does just works!"
    Alfred W. / Auburn, WA
  • "I have had upper back and arm pain for three years. I have been to medical doctors who
    prescribed pain killers and referred me to physical therapy. However my pain did not get better. Then I came to see Dr. Hasan because he treated my cousin for a bad back. He examined me and took a couple of X-rays. Then he "adjusted" my neck and upper back.. I got off the table and my arm pain was gone. I thought I have been suffering from this pain for three years and one treatment got rid of the pain.. .why didn't my doctor tell me about this three years ago."
    Rayhan M. / Bothell, WA
  • "I am 68 years old. I have had joint pain for many years, but in last two months the pain
    got so bad that I could not stand for more than 10 minutes. Since I live alone, I couldn't even take care of myself or my apartment. One of my friends told me to go see a chiropractor but I was scared. When my pain got unbearable I decided to go. So I went and saw Dr. Hasan. He was very understanding, caring and gentle. After a few weeks, my back and leg feel a lot better. Now I can stand and cook, take care of myself. I still have some back pain and go see Dr. Hasan once a week. But I got my life back."
    Elsie S. / Federal Way, WA.
  • "I have been to chiropractors all my life. I saw Dr. Hasan one day when my regularchiropractor was not available. That was a blessing. He took care of my problems a lot better than my previous doctor. Now whenever I get aches or pain (even other health problems), I just go to Dr. Hasan and he fixes me."
    Maryanne Z. / Auburn, WA
  • "My mother has been saying "I need to go see my chiropractor, then I will feel better" since she had her stroke two weeks ago. I know you are just a chiropractor, but whatever you do works for her. She always says you keep her going. We will bring her to see you as soon as she is able to sit.
    (Daughter of a 95 year old patient who is wheelchair bound and has debilitating pain after an auto accident)."
    Rebecca J.
  • "If you are suffering PAIN or DISCOMFORT, do not wait a minute longer.

    Call now to get relief fast: 425-747-7785

    Dr. Hasan will be happy to give you a free consultation."

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